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Leads For You

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I have spent years testing what works for online SELLER leads in this very specific niche of Inherited Properties (robate and Trust).


My team and I know what works and what doesn’t and continually test to generate effective leads.


I will generate leads for you in your specific area.

You MUST be in my Coaching Program to

qualify for these leads. 

No upfront cost to you, but a referral fee will be required for any closed

transaction from a lead I  generate for you. 

I only generate leads for ONE AGENT per territory.

There is no competition once you receive a lead. We can’t guarantee a number of leads you will get as we have found some areas generate more than others, but we aren’t here to generate leads to waste your time and chase your tail like online buyer leads can do.

These are very specific seller leads. We’d rather generate 4  leads per month that turn into 2 sales, than 100 leads per month that only turn into 2 sales. Due to our selectivity of agents we work with and only allowing one agent per territory, there is no guarantee of availability in your area.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

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