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Excited To Talk!

Every morning I smile as I think about what I GET to work on...not what I HAVE to work on. Do you feel the same? Life is meant to be fun and enjoyed; and that includes work. If it isn't for you, schedule a call so we can talk and see if any of my coaching programs are a good fit.

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My Story

I started working full-time as a Realtor in 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 that opened my eyes to a niche of real estate that became my passion. I was hired by my first "Senior" client, a lovely 81 yr old woman named Lillian, who needed to downsize from a 4,000sq ft custom house to a 500sq ft apartment in an independent living community. I fell in love with the meaningful process of helping her. Thus began my focus on working with Seniors downsizing and selling inherited properties almost exclusively since 2012.

I have learned A LOT these past 10+ yrs specializing, but the combination of those years with the previous 10 (starting in 2000) is really what helped me be as successful as I am. I have earned my way into the top 1% of Realtors in California, top 1.5% in the US!


Life wasn't smooth sailing in my personally life during this time, or the years leading up to it. Honestly, my back was against the wall to make money. I was going through a divorce to a somewhat high profile ex pro athlete husband, who was simultaneously having mental breakdowns behind closed doors due to head injuries sustained as an athlete. Plus, my two daughters were teenagers, navigating their own emotions and growth, while we watched their dad self destructing. Oh, and did I mention I had to financially do it all on my own for myself and my daughters!

Fortunately, I had been certified as a Life Coach in 2000, worked full time in that profession until I got into Real Estate. That proved to be my foundation to rely on. I have Coached other Realtors along the way all these years too!

To say I am a survivor and determined is an understatement. 


I can't wait to share my passion and success with you so you can feel on top too!

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