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About Annie

I have lived what you will learn

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“You have been to hell and back and you are thriving.” These are the exact words that flew out of the mouth of the psychic  I saw in early 2022. Not that I hang my hat on what a psychic says, but,

these words resonated deeply with me! Thriving, this is exactly how I would explain myself. Victim mentality has no seat at my table and it shouldn’t at yours either. Down real estate market? Interest rates high? Market is slow? High inflation? Stop listening to the negative news. You can have a HOT market for your business ALL the time! Get ready.

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of struggles + crap experiences, divorce, solo Mom + financial hardships, but who's counting right?

My mindset doesn't waver in the eye of the storms I’ve been thrown into.  I want to let you in on a little secret, I’ve spent 20+ years building a rock solid mindset to get me through situations that had the potential to break me. The past 10 years have been spent trying, changing, sifting through real estate lead gen systems, buying leads, the newest EDDM postcard program, phone dialers, data brokers....holy cow, the list goes on. Working my butt off to to get me business in the speciality of the Seniors market. 

I am here to fire up your business by focusing on proven strategies that earned me in the top 1% of Realtors in all of California, top 1.5% in the US!

It would be selfish of me not to bring my knowledge to the table and share it with you, so you too can thrive in your life without it taking 10+ years to find and implement the tools that I have already mastered.

That’s the beauty of hiring a coach, you get their lived experience in order to fast track your growth by a country mile. No more dipping your toe (or bank account) into everything looking for the next best thing like I did. It all starts here with tools, strategy and mindset.

You already hold the power to create the incredible life you dream of, you just need help unlocking it, that’s what I am here to help you do.

Buckle in, we're about to move mountains you absolute legend!


How it All Began

I started working full-time as a Realtor in 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 that opened my eyes to a niche of real estate that I was passionate about. Picture this, I was hired by Lillian, a lovely 81 yr old woman, and her adult 60 yr old daughter who lived over an hour away. They both looked like deer caught in the car headlights on a dark night.


Lillian needed to downsize from a gorgeous 4,000sq ft custom house full of memories, to a small, but more manageable, 500 sq ft apartment in an independent living community. Talk about emotional and so many aspects Lillian needed help with. I was not about to drop any balls in this process! Angel Annie with her cape to the rescue.


I quickly researched, connected with people and learned there were so many businesses focused on helping different aspects of this niche: Senior Move Managers, Senior Placement Advisors, Estate sale companies and more. What I also realized was, finding companies with integrity was critical as elder abuse is rampant!

That's also why my coaching programs are a two way street. My knowledge and tools are my babies. I won't trust anyone with them. I don't need my coaching business to have a quantity of Realtors, I want quality first!


I found my purpose and my path to financial freedom. I'd love to share with you if you are ready.

My Training


I was a Life Coach prior to getting into Real Estate. I completed half of the Masters Program in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling at Santa Clara University in the late 1990's.

In 2000, I became a Certified Life Coach, facilitating small groups and coaching individual clients before joining Real Estate full time.

Since 2000, I have always maintained some Life Coaching Clients. In 2021, I began adding Real Estate Coaching as it is also my passion to help other Realtors succeed .

Life is a journey with learning and growing that never ends. I always have my own Coach to help me continue growing which helps me help others too!

Family Life

I am the proud mother of two inspiring daughters who are in their late 20's, thriving on their own in other parts of the country. Thank God for FaceTime! I am also the proud step mother of two amazing step sons, also in their 20's, living their life journeys on their own.

And I am very proud to say, we do holidays and special occasions (and sometimes just a regular ole dinner) with my ex husband/wife and my husbands ex wife/husband. I live what I coach and blending a family with grace, respect and love wasn't always easy, but we've done an amazing job. My ex husband always says I should write a book called "How to do Divorce Right." haha

Places I have lived


Numerous cities in Northern and Southern California

Upstate New York



Chicago Suburbs




Quebec City



And I've travelled around the world on a ship...phew...that's a lot of moving in my past.

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