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Marketing Platform

This is the premier program!

If you are ready to go all in on the Seniors market which is going to be booming
the next twenty+ years with our aging population,
you have found the best way to skyrocket your business!

White label my Amazon Bestselling book, “Next Chapter Real Estate.
The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing an Aging Parent and Selling an Inherited House.”

Talk about impressing people in your market as an author!
I provide the manuscript of the book in word document form.
You can then edit and customize to you.
I help create a new title/book cover and printing resources.

You have the book printed and have copies that you can use for marketing purposes. You can hand them out for free or sell them in person at events or from your personal website to p in your local market.

The only thing you can’t do, is sell it on a website such as Amazon - you can only sell it in your local market..
Watch this elevate you to celebrity status in your local market!

Customize my proven, trifold brochure unique to the Seniors market that helps you stand apart
from other Realtors with Attorneys, CPA’s, Investment Advisors, Funeral Homes, Assisted Living
communities and more.

Again, plug and play to add your personal contact info.

Customize my proven Listing Presentation Material to highlight all you do for Sellers in the
Seniors demographic/inherited property sale niche.

Bi Monthly Coaching Zoom calls for 8 Months to ensure you implement the marketing
materials, help you know how to market yourself and promote you as an author in your market.


Online Leads can be generated for you at no additional upfront cost.
A 20% referral fee will be required for any closed transactions.

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